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DJ Jonathan Casos

Arequipa, Peru

Born in Arequipa, Peru, in the late 70's, Jonathan Casos started collecting records since he was a kid. He spent his formative years in bands and music schools at a very young age, experimenting with electronic beats, percussion, rock and blues by 17 years old. He started out as a DJ in the 90's on the still rare electronic scene of Peru and South America with mixes of House, Breaks Techno or progressive beats and the styles that started to be known in the private parties organized by him and his friends all around the South American continent during 15 years. Recognized as one of the top Djs in Peru on 2005 he have traveled over the years organizing or participating in all sorts of international gigs, in Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia or Australia and his widely acclaimed mixes in the dance underground scenes of South America are already available now @ Mixcloud!!