Hip Hop 1996 Instrumental 1

Hip Hop 1996 Instrumental 1

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Hip Hop 1996 Instrumental 1
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Playing tracks by DJ Shadow, Trybal-Men, Lord Digga, Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest and more.

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    3rd in the instrumental hip hop Chart



3:00:03 got me like

William LoCasto

I can’t express how happy I am to have found your channel. As a playwright, I’m always looking for music that puts me in the best frame of mind to be creative, and man, have I found it here. The beats are smooth and funky, which is how I want my writing to be!!!




This is so relaxing; soothing; and nostalgic! Wantin' to see this track listing....Goodness Gracious! Euphoric! Feels lounge-ish! Feels freakin' incredible! Thanks so much! JimmyEdenMoon! This is like meditation; hynosis; and excellent sleep music! Therapeutic, too! When Malik B passed a little over a year ago; I slept to a tribute (that I can no longer find); and I bonded deeper with Malik B/M-Illitant; and felt like I met him in the spirit world for a lil bit! The power of good music; and higher humanism! I ask Phife Dawg questions; Biggie; 'Pac; Keith Elam (Guru/GangStar) questions about creative consciousness; and their music answers; a quote will come to me; or a nostalgic beat. Chucky Thompson comes through -- loud and clear. Teena Marie -- Deja Vous; DMX has been inspiring and sustaining me a lot -- lately! Whew Whee! Thank you, JimmyEdenMoon!



Timbo 6000

this shit sick

Mário Ferreira

Thank you for the zenification :)

Will Wright

Tracklist please!


WooW ! THANX - I love your channel....

Lajos Andrejkovics

I'm so glad I've found your channel...

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