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  • 1 year ago
#496 Part 2: Boosie Babadook

#496 Part 2: Boosie Babadook

The Babadook: Don't click away! It isn't the meme, Mike tried to watch this by himself and got very scared!Boosie: Boosie is back with tips on creating a pocket pussy and walking in on gay sex in the prison shower. Flat Earther Vs. NASA: Who could have foretold that the ultimate showdown would take place at a Starbucks. ATHLETE'S FOOT!, BIT!, SEINFELD!, ASIA!, HEAT OF THE MOMENT!, IDENTITY POLITICS!, PRONOUNS!, FRIENDS!, PHOEBE!, MONICA!, RACHEL!, ROSS!, CHANDLER!, POETRY!, YOUTUBE AD REVENUE!, ADPOCALYPSE!, NICKELBACK!, ROCKSTAR!, POP QUIZ!, THE BABADOOK!, GAY ICON!, MEME!, LGBT!, ERASURE!, BISEXUAL!, NIGHT!, ALONE!, DEPRESSION!, ANXIETY!, GRIEF!, CREEPY!, SCARED!, THE BOOK!, CHADVISION!, FRIEND RAPIST!, QUINN!, CAT!, SCREAMING!, BLOOD CURDLING!, SCARED!, MAMA!, SCARIEST SCENE!, HILLS HAVE EYES!, CREEPED!, SPOOKED!, EVENT HORIZON!, GAY SEX!, BOOSIE!, JAIL!, FAKE PUSSY!, JAIL SEX!, TOWEL!, HEAT!, MICROWAVE!, LIVESTREAM!, HEARTS!, TASTE MY TONGUE!, STEAMING!, BITTING!, HOT LOTION!, BITC