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#457 Part 1:They Call Me The King Of The South

#457 Part 1:They Call Me The King Of The South

Jim and Tom: I almost forgot that we put out the mission to add some reviews to Onstage With Jim and Tom and you guys did not disappoint!911 BOYZ in AUGUST: Jim is hot off his yearly trip with Jake Sprague and the Burgerwolf. This year we went to Smash Vegas.Summerslam and The Miz: We quickly go over Summerslam and some of the backstage drama and the promo the Miz dropped on Talking Smack.SPINNING RECORDS!, MUSIC!, THE GET DOWN!, LONG DAY!, GAVE UP!, MATH FALLOUT!, EXILED!, FEEL THE BERN!, FREE!, REVIEWS!, ONSTAGE WITH JIM AND TOM!, STITCHER!, INTRO!, SONG!, POKEMON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!, POCKET MONSTERS!, FINALS!, SAN FRANCISCO!, POKEMON CARDS!, DECK!, ACID!, TRIPPING!, SUPERMARKET!, SHOPPING!, VISUALS!, 12 HOURS!, FEAR!, SHROOMS!, NASHVILLE!, NASH VEGAS!, SMASH VEGAS!, CASH VEGAS!, GRAND OLE OPRY!, JAKE SPRAGUE!, BURGERWOLF!, BONEWOLF!, MASTER'S DEGREE!, LIMO!, TOUR!, HEE HAW!, THE FIVE POINTS!, EAST NASHVILLE!, HIPSTERS!, 3 CROWS BAR!, DANIEL GURZA!, DOWNTOWN!, BROADWAY!, HOT CHICKEN!