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#456 Part 1: Hooray For Hellywood

#456 Part 1: Hooray For Hellywood

Jim and Tom: We either have a very clever reviewer or someone very dumb that references Jim and Tom in our review section on Stitcher. Sausage Party: The critics have been praising Sausage Party, Jim has heard this news and he went out to find out for himself. Vigilant Christian: By request to the WOKEST MEME Show on the web, we get into the theories of the Vigilant Christian.SPACE COP!, RED LETTER MEDIA!, HOT DOGS!, REVIEWS!, ONSTAGE WITH JIM AND TOM!, PHOENIX THEATER!, PETALUMA!, INTERVIEWS!, JIM STERN!, FARTBOARD!, LOW BROW!, EDOC!, KENDALL!, WINCHESTER!, JIM AND THEM EXPERIENCE!, BARS!, PARTY!, ROBERTOS!, JASON BOURNE!, TRANSGENDER!, TRANNY!, TACKLED!, TRANSWOMAN!, COPS!, SECURITY!, SAUSAGE PARTY!, SETH ROGEN!, CHANCE!, TRICKED!, REVIEWS!, JIM NORTON!, PUNS!, RELIGION!, GODS!, STEREOTYPES!, CLICHES!, LOW HANGING FRUIT!, MICHAEL CERA!, JONAH HILL!, KRISTEN WIIG!, CURSING!, BAGEL!, LAVASH!, GUM!, STEPHEN HAWKING!, BATH SALTS!, PIXAR!, ANIMATED!, GORE!, FULL ON!, ORGY!, SEX!, TACO!, S