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#429 Part 2: World Has Gone Cold

#429 Part 2: World Has Gone Cold

I'm Loving It: When someone says I'm Loving It to you, what does it remind you of!? What is the origin!?Chloe Goins and Brad Dassey: We got songs from a Bill Cosby rape victim and the half brother of convicted murderer Brendan Dassey. Fake Viral Stories: Please tell us more about the homeless man that decided to live another day thanks to you. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD JIM AND THEM #429 PART 2 RIGHT HERE!DIE HARD!, MIRACLE!, FBI!, UNDER PRESSURE!, QUEEN!, DAVID BOWIE!, THORGASM!, KRISTIN!, VAGINA!, MERELY FRESHMEN!, TFW!, I'M LOVIN IT!, MCDONALDS!, JINGLE!, FAST FOOD!, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!, BURGERS!, SONG!, THE NEPTUNES!, OVERSHADOWED!, DIDN'T KNOW!, CUNT HAIR!, CRY ME A RIVER!, SENORITA!, PHARRELL WILLIAMS!, STRAIGHT OUTA COMPTON!, THE D.O.C.!, CHLOE GOINS!, BILL COSBY!, DISS TRACK!, BEEF!, RAP!, JELLO!, PUDDING!, EVERCLEAR!, FATHER OF MINE!, FAT ALBERT!, HEY BILL!, MAKING A MURDERER!, STEVEN AVERY!, BRENDAN DASSEY!, BRAD DASSEY!, BRADD ASSEY!, THEY DIDN'T DO IT!, RAPPING!, CHRISTIAN!, B