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#420 Part 2: Holding Hands At The Rape House

#420 Part 2: Holding Hands At The Rape House

Hindsight 20/20: Mike Steele recalls a moment where he thought he was the coolest but in reality everyone was laughing at him. Young and Dumb (Full Of Cum?): We recall some childish embarrassment from wearing pot leaf hats to our own pick up moves. TJ Lavin: Mike tells a story about the early days of Instant Messenger and scamming girls. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD JIM AND THEM #420 PART 2 RIGHT HERE!HEARTS OF DARKNESS!, POMPOUS!, FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA!, APOCALYPSE NOW!, EVERY TIME I DIE!, CHAMPING AT THE BIT!, FUCKBOY BE TELLING!, SNITCHIN'!, YUNG FUCKBOY LA SNITCH!, POETRY!, EXPERIENCE!, MY NECK!, MY BACK!, EMBARRASSING!, HINDSIGHT!, YELLOW!, GREEN!, DYED HAIR!, POP PUNK!, COOL!, TWO-FACE!, PAC SUN!, VANS STORE!, TALK TO HER!, SHE LIKES YOU!, FUCKING WITH YOU!, DOESN'T GET IT!, BALL CHAINS!, NECKLACE!, POT LEAF HAT!, MARIJUANA!, DR. DRE!, SNOOP DOGG!, THE CHRONIC!, POSER!, FAKE!, D.A.R.E!, GLAMOUR SHOTS!, MALL!, IRONIC!, SCAN!, 420!, CHOCHE!, KISSING!, GIRLFRIEND!, FRIEND!, TROLLS!, HORSE