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#399 Part 2: A Pirate's Life For Me

#399 Part 2: A Pirate's Life For Me

International Waters: Can we become pirates and sail the international waters getting away with any and everything we want. Silk Road: Silk Road creator gets life!?RACE: We got some racial stories, so lets get into it, between word association, inappropriate photos and the Hebrew Israelites, we have fun for all!CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD JIM AND THEM #399 PART 2 RIGHT HERE!EVERY FART!, LOUIE!, COMEDY!, DRE DAY!, DRE!, SNOOP!, VAPING!, CRAFT VAPERY!, CEREAL MILK!, VOICE!, POETRY!, CASINO BOATS!, INTERNATIONAL WATERS!, LAWLESS!, LAWS!, LEGAL!, MINORS!, JURISDICTION!, MANN ACT!, STATE LINES!, STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS!, UNDERAGE!, GREY AREA!, DRUG TRAFFICKING!, MURDER!, PIRACY!, PIRATES!, LOG BOAT!, METH LAB!, METH HEAD!, SILK ROAD!, ROSS ULBRICHT!, LIFE!, SENTENCING!, DRUGS!, KINGPIN!, EMPIRE!, UNDERGROUND!, DEEP WEB!, DARK WEB!, AFFLUENZA!, OVERDOSE!, OD!, HEROIN!, DRUG BUDDY!, BEST FRIENDS!, RUN AWAY!, EMERGENCY ROOM!, DROP OFF!, DRIVE AWAY!, NARCAN!, PHIL BATES!, COUSIN!, COMA!, WAKE UP CALL