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#398 Part 1: Free Kiddie Pools

#398 Part 1: Free Kiddie Pools

ANNIVERSARY: Here we are celebrating Jim and Them's birthday, from a lowly podcast featuring three dudes huddled around one USB mic, we have come so far!?Spankwagon: As we celebrate the anniversary of the show we look back upon our very first "RADIO WAR!"Suburban Jim: After witnessing a "Hands Up Don't Shoot" right across the street, Jim realizes he is becoming Suburban JimCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD JIM AND THEM #398 PART 1 RIGHT HERE!BOOGIE NIGHTS!, FILM!, BUTTER IN MY ASS!, GENRE FLUID!, REVIEWS!, DRUM ROLL!, INSIDE BASEBALL!, ANNIVERSARY!, BIRTHDAYS!, EXCITED!, SHOW!, LONG TIME!, ROAD TO 400!, SPANKWAGON!, RADIO WAR!, YOUNG BUCKS!, KLAV!, AM RADIO!, PAPA JOE!, SYNDICATED!, POWER HOUR!, DRINKING!, SHOT A MINUTE!, BURP!, GOD'S NOT DEAD!, SURELY ALIVE!, HISTORY!, LOOK BACK!, NOSTALGIA!, ALKALINE TRIO!, FROM HERE TO INFIRMARY!, BEERS!, JAKE!, DRINKING!, DRINKING ALONE!, JOE!, PARTAKE!, REAL KID!, ORIGIN!, REAL KID RADIO!, BIG PUNISHER!, COCO!, OT GENASIS!, BLINK 182!, TOM DELONGE!, TOMMY D!