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#387 Part 2: Accept My Love Zelda

#387 Part 2: Accept My Love Zelda

Hot Gluing: In true Jim and Them fashion we unveil the harsher side of Internet/Nerd culture with hot gluing. Airports: Mike has not flown in over 20 years, he has some upcoming flights and he is pretty worried. Set Off: We go through some videos of people just throwing fists, everything from Little Caesars to Afroman to Fat Mike. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD JIM AND THEM #387 PART 2 RIGHT HERE!PATRICE!, INAPPROPRIATE!, MOTLEY CRUE!, DR. FEELGOOD!, THE ROAD TO 400!, POETRY!, WETTY!, FIGURINES!, STATUES!, BUSTS!, ANIME!, HENTAI!, CUMMING!, AMIIBOS!, NINTENDO!, RESELLERS!, ROSALINA!, WAIFU!, CUM ON IT!, REDDIT!, SUBREDDIT!, HOT GLUE!, CLEANING!, CUMMINGONFIGURINES!, LICK IT!, BIG LOAD!, GOES TOO FAR!, PICTURES!, GIFS!, CUM FIGURE!, LOOK AT DICKS!, OH CUM ON!, CUM ON EVERYTHING!, DOLLS!, LIVING DEAD DOLLS!, DOLL HO!, OUTFITS!, WIGS!, TORSO!, CHALLENGE!, BUTT PLUG!, CREAM!, OREO!, SNOW!, THIRD WORLD!, TOO MUCH TIME!, TRAINING!, GARRETT!, AIRPORT!, SECURITY!, PLANE RIDES!, 9/11!, LONG TIME!, OVER