Suitcase 1938

Suitcase 1938

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Suitcase 1938

Seventy-five years on from the first arrival of the Kindertransport in Britain, the concourses and platforms of stations across the country will burst into life with Suitcase, an original mix of site-specific promenade theatre and music which marks those arrivals. Suitcase reflects the stories of those who were there.

We interview Jane Merkin and Max Reinhardt to find out more about this project and also to get some insight into the music that JMI will be involved in helping to produce for the Gala performance on Sunday 1st December.


Playing tracks by Suitcase 1938, Joe Loss and Monte Ray, Vaughn Williams, The Andrews Sisters, The Barry Sisters and more.


Renee Becker

excellent looking forward to hearing the actual presentation arranged by my cousins

Renee Becker

Excellent presentation of what is to be and of course since the presenters are our cousins We are very proud of them. We only wish that we could be at the actual event in December, but we have the fortune to live in Israel. Well done and all the vey best. We are sure it will be well attended Renee and Laurence Becker Aunty Netta Pollak and all the Israeli branch of our family.

Frans Coenders

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