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Speshall Ed S1 - E18

Speshall Ed S1 - E18

Season #1 - Episode #18

- Chef Gordan Ramsey got nothing on me.
- Podcast 17 should be up right now.
- You rat bastards cost me money.
- I lied on podcast 17
- Fake food is better then real food.
- Joke of the day fail.
- Re Joke of the day.
- I explain the joke
- Anderson Cooper & Bill O'Relly hot talk.
- Sanders & Trump talk... sort of.
- I tell you who to vote for.
- Then I tell you not to vote at all or do.
- Vote whoever I don't care.
- I watch hours of ESPN everyday.
- I'm not very informed.
- CNN vs FOX there closer than you think.
- I blame Jeff for stuff... again.
- No skill pasta, quick and dirty style.
- italian impersonation.
- Cooking wiht Christopher walken.
- Cooking Brooklyn Mobster.
- I yell at my damn self.
- Hidden track.

About Podcast:
Podcasting just got dummer with a reel tu life speshall edukayshon stewdent on a mycrowfone. From grade 2-12. I was on a IEP (individul edukayshon plan) and put in every speshall ed klass offerd. I was bad at reeding, riti