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Speshall Ed S1 - E16

Speshall Ed S1 - E16

Season #1 - Episode #16

Show Notes:
- I eat popcorn just for you.
- I sneeze on the podcast just for you.
- I sing again and again and once more again.
- Laughing is good and that's just science people.
- Celine Dion can't hold a note like this.
- Joke of the day.
- 80% of you fools have no haha in your life.
- Mystery TV game show.
- I yelll at my damn self.
- You shouldn't try hard and here's why.
- I'm good at using the bathroom... it's true.
- I invent the James Brown Van.
- Flatfoot ask me a quesiton about phones.
- Worthless tip of the day.
- 100% fact that proves evolution is fake.
- I ask Obama to listen to my podcast.
- Hairy dudes are nto sexy.
- Hidden track.

About Podcast:
Podcasting just got dummer with a reel tu life speshall edukayshon stewdent on a mycrowfone. From grade 2-12. I was on a IEP (individul edukayshon plan) and put in every speshall ed klass offerd. I was bad at reeding, riting, gramer, punkuashon, spaling, math, siance, fiziks, byallegee, soseealli