The Dream Archive 009

The Dream Archive 009

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The Dream Archive 009
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Episode 009 of The Dream Archive ventures deep from the beautiful to the hearth-throbbing energetic landscapes of progressive and melodic house. Featuring recents and classics, originals and remixes by Guy J, Dosem, Framewerk, Hernan Cattaneo, Moonwalk, Michael A, Jerome Isma-Ae, Eelke Kleijn, Matan Caspi, D-Nox, Tinlicker, Grum, D-Formation, and more.

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Playing tracks by Jeff Tovar, Dido, R Plus, Moonwalk, Michael A, Jerome Isma-Ae, Milkwish and more.

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Another classic session from the man himself. Love the energy and tracks!

Jeff Tovar

Yo Peter! Thanks for stopping by and having a listen. Always happy when you enjoy the ride. Hope you're doing well down there. =)


Thanks and things are doing as well as you would expect. At least the weather is good :)


Loved it Jeff! Really strong melodies over some stunning energetic beats. Great track selections to keep it all moving and exciting with that Moonwalk remix of 'Hunger for your Vibe' being a personal standout. A fine session indeed sir, thanks for sharing it! Hope all is well with you mate and you are having a good weekend 👍

Jeff Tovar

Thanks, Shane. Had a good time putting this one together. Doing ok over here, hope the same for you. =)


Great mix Jeff! Amazing intro and "My Boy" is an absolute massive track imo. It was worth the wait.

Jeff Tovar

Thanks, Martijn! And yes, love that tune.

Jeff Tovar

Jeff Tovar - The Dream Archive (Intro 3)
Dido, R Plus - My Boy (Meduza Remix)
Moonwalk - Elessar (Original Mix)
Michael A - Elysium (Original Mix)
Jerome Isma-Ae, Milkwish - No Time To Wait (Milkwish 4AM Extended Mix)
Felix Raphael, Stereo Express - Fading Time (Original Mix)
Thankyou City - We All Look a Little Weird Naked (Tripswitch Remix)
Michael & Levan, Stiven Rivic - Filthy Shadows (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix)
Framewerk - Together (We Are Unified) (Main Room Mix)
Dosem - Take Me Back (Original Mix)
Kamilo Sanclemente - Carinae (Original Mix)
Eelke Kleijn - Woodstock (Extended Mix)
Arm In Arm - Hunger For Your Vibe (Moonwalk Remix)
Matan Caspi - For A While (Vocal Mix Feat. Voe)
Guy J - Catfish (Original Mix)
D-Nox, DJ Zombi, Lonya - Fuze (D-Formation & Citizen Kain Remix)
Tinlicker - Blackbirds (Extended Mix)
Beken, Boral Kibil - Alfa (Wolfson Remix)
Paul Thomas, White-Akre - Vyote (Grum Remix)
Grum - Reflections (Original Mix)
Dok & Martin - Enigma (Da Fresh Remix)