Lonely Road

Lonely Road

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Lonely Road
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Something Ancient

Qui ne pleure pas ne voit pas.

artwork by midjourney x subgrafik CC2022
prompt: "cry don't feel" with remaster parameter


Playing tracks by douglas dare, jarboe, chet faker, yousef kekhia, Silent Strike & Lucia and more.

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    50th in the electronica Chart


Артём Николаев

Обожаю Твое творчество man !!


Excellent set. Loads of great tracks and a great listen end to end. Nicely done pal. 👍👍👍

Something Ancient

Thank you very much. I've had a lot of (melancholic and romantic) emotions lately and things just pop into my head. After all, it's better to make a music compilation than to be sad and over-think about things that are beyond our control.