Soulmate for the Night

Soulmate for the Night

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Soulmate for the Night

Enjoy this latest episode of carefully blended top tracks. Chilled beats, real instruments. Really proud that I could even incorporate a jazz house track.
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Love... has the power to change the world
It has the power to inspire
It has the power to unite people
In a way, little else does...
It speaks to youth in a language they understand
Love can create hope where once was only despair
It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers
It laughs in the face of all kinds of discrimination
I ask you know to rise..and the face of all types of discrimination

I make no promises, I can't do golden rings, but I give you everything, tonight
Magic is in the air, there ain't no silence here, so I can give you everything
My body is calling out for you..
Cause I need your green light, day and night, say that you are mine
I just want us to stop for a minute and think about how much we have together


Playing tracks by Hedoniz & Addal feat. Nelson Mandela, Calvin Harris & Sam Smith, FAUL, Andre Rizo, Lola Jane, Robert Christian and more.

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I love this perfect mix with voice & key strong words in addition of the music


Fantastic !

Stefan Ziegenhagen

great mix :-)

Jaydee Hedoniz

thanks Stefan!

Arianna Acampora

🎼🎧🥇 Nice mix!

Jaydee Hedoniz

Dank je Arianna!

Sonia Loris

🎶 Awesome Set ⭐️🎧⭐️ Love a lot 🎶

Jaydee Hedoniz

thanks Sonia :-)

Nah Elyasi

LOVE this Mix!!

Jaydee Hedoniz

Thanks Naheed! :-)


Waww echt gaaf, met de stem van Madiba, heerlijke beat

Jaydee Hedoniz

Danki Roberta!