Club73 - Set DJ Hedoniz

Club73 - Set DJ Hedoniz

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Club73 - Set DJ Hedoniz

Uptempo set full of energy played @Club73 Meets Ibiza, June 8 2018, in Vught The Netherlands. Enjoy!


Playing tracks by Angel Heredia & Toni Carrillo, Block, Crown & Damon Grey, Russell Small, Dno P, Amanda Wilson, Samuele Sartini, Crazibiza, Jaquita, Diva Avari & The French House Mafia and more.



Feeling alive again, Thanks man. Wow my toes just started to tap as soon as they felt the beat. Great!!

Jaydee Hedoniz

Glad you like it dushi!

Sonia Loris

🎶 👏 🎶 EXCELLENT 🎶 Great ⭐️ 🎧Sound ⭐️🎶 Enjoy 🎶⭐️🎶

Jaydee Hedoniz

Thanks Sonia :-)