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  • 4 years ago
full moon remix

full moon remix

Playing tracks by

Mr Fijiwiji, Sailor & I, Ramon Tapia & Stavroz, Eddie Richards, Felipe L and more.

full hr 40 min set , full moon bash




Other times, of course, my intuitive visions are not so straight forward. Yet I understand them, just the same. After all, I am both interpreter and analyst at my core, equal parts straight science and sentient spirituality. Besides, who doesn’t love a bit of an enigma? Who doesn’t love sorting through symbols, sifting through layers of complexity in search of meaning?
Let’s take, for example, my prior post describing my recent full moon dream… This particular dream offers elements of both intuitive vision and psychic connection ((That “hi-yee” cannot be ignored or explained away. I know your voice… and your presence. And I know when you are with me… This is not something that just happens – I sooo rarely dream of actual people that I know in waking life, and when I do, they are no more than mere pictures, representations… Your presence, in stark contrast, is always a tangible entity…))



Now, back to thoughts on intuitive vision… the images presented in the full moon dream are deserving of some interpretation. I could tell you what I understand the three “moons” to be, but perhaps you already have some ideas of your own. And if I give you a fragment of this unfolding tale that appeared to me one night, oh, almost three years ago now, you should be able to come to the conclusion yourself… There was a unicorn - resting comfortably on the ground, warmed by the light of a high-noon sun – flanked by two baby unicorns, one to her right and one to her left… and standing in front of her, a third baby unicorn, touching the tip of its horn to the tip of hers…
Would you believe that naught but a couple of days after the unicorn dream, I came to a stop at a traffic light and found myself behind a rather amusing-looking old truck… with a statue of a unicorn sitting in the back!!!
Wholly un-real! And yet… Real. These links, these hooks, these connections surface around me every day… playing a sort of psychic/cosmic-conscious peek-a-boo with me - as they have for a couple of decades now…
Looking back, I suppose it all started with a Yellow Rope. I had emerged outdoors one sunny day-dream in my late teens to find a yellow rope hanging from the heavens… a yellow rope dangling from the sunny-day clouds in a brilliantly blue sky… a yellow rope beckoning me to climb up!



I have been blessed with intensely vivid dreams since my very early youth. While I have remembered many of these night-travels for decades now (and those early dreams were most certainly travels – my mode of escape and means by which I survived the isolation and agonies of my childhood), it has become increasingly apparent as I’ve progressed from adolescence to adulthood that my dreams are a in reality a fascinating combination of intuitive vision and psychic connection.



Sometimes, it is as simple and clear as closing my eyes and observing a scene that I immediately know in my core is Truth. Time and again now, moments I have witnessed behind closed eyes have indeed come to pass in waking reality. Most recently, let’s take that vision I had one cold winter night a couple of years ago as I lay hibernating in the cavernous hole I called home for a time in Connecticut. I saw a sunrise, a row of pine trees behind the patch-of-grass urban backyards of a series of gray-sided townhomes. Site-unseen before moving 700 miles, I have now resided in those very townhomes for the last year and a half and have indeed spent many a morning in that strip of yard where I no-doubt witnessed that very same sunrise…
And what of the rest of that particular vision? For rest assured, it did not stop there. Rather, I found myself turning to the West, and as I did, watched the yard turn to snow and the pines give way to a hill that sloped steeply downwards. At the top, three young girls dressed warmly in snowsuits giggled and twirled and darted forwards, snowboards strapped to their feet, ready to zoom down the hill.. “Just be careful!” I called after them - of jovial spirit myself, though wincing with that flutter of alarm that a mother can’t help but feel when she’s watching her children from the sidelines…



There have been two other visions of late, ever-present under the surface of my psyche, always playing in the background of my mind. I close my eyes to rest, to still my mind… and there they are, these images. No sooner do I see them, than I begin to feel them. Somehow, these moments are… somehow, they exist already… The rocking chair, new life, and a vision of myself: soft, feminine, yielding, and blissfully peaceful – a far cry from the woman I am today, this warrior wielding her sword in the onslaught of battle…
But what is a happy ending? I see… I feel... I know… Yet in this moment, I am troubled. In this moment, I can’t help but wonder how I ever get there… What will come to pass? What must change in the here and now to be released to that place of peace I see, and feel, and know so clearly?
In truth, I also fear. I fear – not the vision I have seen – but the elements of that vision which I distinctly sense are absent. I am wise enough to know that meaning is found, not just in what has been said, but also in what is left out...


A Poem -
((Excuse the formatting - it will not translate in the post))

Full Moon

Under the spell,
I am conducted into space

Free of Walls -

the depth of darkness
around me

Yet I -
am (in) the Light:

Landed - softly on this shore

Ribbons of Red (tape)
still wrapped around my ankles,

no longer binding,

but swirled gently
in Celebration -

around me,
through me

Raining down upon me

From the darkness,
Red petals -
Fragrant fragments showering me…

Gifts from the Heart..

Petals of Promise..

Pieces of You..

Vibrant :

Color of Dreams, of

I lounge languidly
in the soft surf of seduction -

Wrapped, and
Roped, and
in elaborate gowns

meant to be swept away…

(( I am ))

Lulled and
by the tide:

the Magic,
seductive swell of

whispering words -


Soul to Soul…


Full Moons everywhere...

Sat. nite's dream:

It started with a familiar “Hi-yee..” The sound of your hello shot-gunning from the darkness into my conscious awareness… And then your smiling face right in front of me. When you glided aside, there was darkness again for a moment until I realized my gaze was focused on a picture clutched in my right hand – an old black-and-white photo of a full moon. I knew that moon.. and when my gaze shifted again, up to the night sky – I realized that moon was present right now… The soft orange glow of that beautiful full orb cast a purple tone into the dark night sky around it. When I glanced downwards, it was as if I was not standing on the Earth at all, but hovering miles above, looking down at the Earth in her entirety below me… and there, over the blue of the oceans… three smaller celestial bodies – each a swirl of blue and white – as if mini-Earth, the sight of which elicited a gasp from my lips, “Look! Three moons..”
Later, walking down a hallway on the second floor of a busy building, I looked down over the railing to the scene unfolding below. A pool of water – smooth, calm, clear – sat in the center of a courtyard, and I watched in awe as two girls each put on a pair of shoes that allowed them to glide atop the water, as if skating across a rink on ice..


First listen is always so hungry... devouring every note, every lyric, just eating it up... thriving on the moment of creation and on the resulting ignition of my own inspiration... I listen, and I create...and then I listen again... and again... and relax into the totality of the mix... And that is when your notes, lyrics, sounds create a tone that eases me away - placates, unfurls, and unfetters... works my frazzled state of being into a blissful moment of SMOOTH...