New Spirit Mix (Jason Bongiovanni)

New Spirit Mix (Jason Bongiovanni)

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New Spirit Mix (Jason Bongiovanni)
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Jason Bongiovanni

Hello to my family of Clouders <3

Here is my latest mix for your blissful listening experience! If you are familiar with my previous works then you are in for a bit of something different this time. I have accumulated many different experiences in the last year and the culmination of such has opened up my eyes to new, amazing worlds. With this mix I am attempting to share these things with you :)

Within you will find works from super-talented artists from around the world, including one of my latest productions "Through Any Door" which features vocalist Annette. Please enjoy, download/listen however you please.

The journey begins…

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Playing tracks by Ashley Wallbridge, Phaxe, Ovnimoon & Via Axis, Interactive noise, Jason Bongiovanni ft. Annette and more.


Vincent Vu

Love the cover! Great job and love the music!