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Janette Slack's Back to Vinyl epic mix with tunes from 1998 - 2004

Janette Slack's Back to Vinyl epic mix with tunes from 1998 - 2004

Playing tracks by

Know Soul, Nick Thayer, DJ Icey, N/a, Contact Double and more.

150 min mix of tunes fm '98-'04

Unpacked my vinyl fm cling film & organised the lot.T'was the 1st time in 5 YEARS I even touched the poor rejected things.

Couple sloppy mixes here & there, but was nice to hit record & see where the road took me. Something fun about playing w/vinyl vs anything else.

NOT MY DEMO, but a trip down memory lane as well as having a blast in my room.

The breaks in this mix make me proud to come from a breaks background,& represents what made it so good during that time. However, the quality of most breakbeat NOW and for the passed 6 years, sounds more juviniel and cheap, & it's been getting hard to stick up for.

Seriously, what the FRUCK happened?Twas only a few years ago, strange when things evolve 4 the worse.

BUT, the tunes on here make any ex-breaks lover make U fall in luv w/ it all over again.

This is also dedicatto those who had no idea on how great it actually was.Not just all fast tempo, cartoon noises,There's substance!


DJ Love Handles

Just listened to your Torture Garden set ... great stuff. Heading over to HK first week June to do a story on the resurgence of FB interest in the neptunes era ... may dust off a few records and do a gig or two. Was there two months ago ... played a 5 hour set to a crowd of 2 with songs i'd never heard before in Christian's living room lol.

Janette Slack

Hey dude, yeah Christian really took care of narrowing down the selection of good quality breakbeat when it came to Hong Kong and Thailand, he represented in true style with a dash of rockn'roll! We had such a great time jamming together, we only met in 2000 and then the rest is history. I'll check out McDowall's link, I saw him last year in Oz. he's still the same energetic legend!

yeah 2 Phat Cunts was BT and Sasha. I still hammer that tune to this day. Glad you are enjoying the mix!

DJ Love Handles

2 phat cunts ... it was sasha and BT right? still got that kicking around somewhere ... in fact I played it at the set i did for a 10th anniversary of the handover party at Heat, above where neptunes was. recorded it too... must dig it out and upload it ...

DJ Love Handles

DJ Icey, Plump DJs, Stanton Warriors, Bassbin Twins (their mix of loose caboose, amazing) ... love all that stuff, and some of the earlier west coast breakbeat and all that stuff on freskanova etc that discovered through christian and jp. I'm about to unearth my decks and vinyl from upstairs of my house that got flooded, all been in boxes for a few years now. 'Fast tempo cartoon noises' ...yeah i don't want to sound like a boring old fart but you summed it up exactly, the stuff that does nothing for me at the moment ... did you see Jon McDowall's link on FB to that Fuck You Virtual DJ pisstake track? Good spoof of the genre ... anyway listening to this now, and it rocks