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  • 2 years ago
Jamie's 'jolly' Jukebox Broadcast Date: 29 January 2017

Jamie's 'jolly' Jukebox Broadcast Date: 29 January 2017

Playing tracks by

Juice Newton, Jean Michel Jarre, Enya, Passenger, Lake Street Dive and more.

This show marks the return of the Jukebox after a year's sabbatical. Lots have changed for the Lenmeister and I but we return with the same ethos which is to give you new music. And a few oldies now thrown in.
The exciting news about this show is that it can now be heard every Sunday at 12:00 UK time on
In today's show, I play some cracking tunes, Leni introduces and presents a new and improved StoryCorner and we have a quiz.

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Until next time my Mixclouding chums
Take Care
-Jamie & Leni-


DJ Lay Z
DJ Lay Z

GREAT show guys, and WELCOME BACK!!! It's really really really really great to have the jukebox back polluting the airwaves once again.
Extra kudos for the Jean Michel Jarre track, I'm a HUGE fan of his.. very very cool.
I wanted to also sympathize with the whole getting endless advice with baby.. it happened to us so much and the mix of 'old school' methods mixed with the anxiety ridden new methods.. it's enough to make anyone crazy.
We also found that even the care nurses during our hospital stay after we had Archer we amongst the WORST for giving conflicting advice.. one would come in and tell you do something one way, then the next would tell you something different.. very unexpected..
Just seriously, welcome back, you guys were missed.

Jamie's 'jolly' Jukebox

I have been a fan of Jean Michel Jarre ever since a school friend's Mam played his latest tape "Revolutions" when I went to his house after school. I play that a lot in the car when the Lenmeister isn't in the car! As for Mini Morgan we have 3 months to go and now I just can't wait to see him/her. I need my month of work!


I was listening the other day but as got close to end ; I had to leave - so I am listening all over again : 0 So glad to hear the voice and rant of my ...MY Lady Leni : )

Jamie's 'jolly' Jukebox

Thanks for the listen! Your Lady is mega happy you gave her the mention.

DJ Lay Z
DJ Lay Z

I'm almost certain that's a 3rd time feature mate. I'm going to listen to it 4 times just to find out.
Fatboy Slim happens after listen 10.. totally worth it though.

The Lemon Circus

4th July should be celebrated for as many reasons as you like including anniversary of the Jukebox (albeit spread thin over the last 2 years, but who's counting? (I counted 6 - so me) good tunes (and Snoop Dog) Oh and I done as well as Len on the quiz of the week (although admitted I had done it already at the BBC magazine website - don't share that with the listeners or they'll cheat too) I got the golden showers question wrong as I'd never heard of something so thoroughly disgusting, certainly not on a Sunday lunchtime radio show :) Russian accent did indeed sound like Apu (The Simpsons)

DJ Lay Z
DJ Lay Z

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