Jack Shit Splendour 'headline' set July 22 2022

Jack Shit Splendour 'headline' set July 22 2022

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Jack Shit Splendour 'headline' set July 22 2022
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After over a decade playing Splendour In The Grass, from Mix Up to the Gold Bar & the infamous Tackle Shack afterparty, nothing was gonna stop me prevailing at the thrice-postponed 20th anniversary of the festival - even if every single band for the day was cancelled during the first 2 hours of my day-one between-main-stage-bands bracket.

Having discovered the bad news, rumoured by crews (after execrable weather overnight, on top of a year of the worst flooding the Northern Rivers has known) by searching news sites during my set, I decided to go all-out and play the entire day non-stop in order to lift the spirits of the shell-shocked souls present. It was then that I hit record (thus said opening hours are absent from this recording).

What is left is a tribute to the perseverance of people in the face of unimaginable natural forces - overflowing with thematic sequences involving water, sticky situations, becoming stuck/stranded, life on the road / in music, change & survival.