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Simone Stolzoff - Don't Overthink It

Simone Stolzoff - Don't Overthink It

Simone wrote a piece about how he "solved his quarter life crisis" -- link provided below. Topically the piece has overlap with a number of the conversations I've had for this show and it displayed an admirable candor:

"I’ve been out of college for four years, and while my med school friends inch closer to their white coats and my finance friends inch closer to their white board meetings, I feel about as lost as ever. I’m in my third industry in as many years, my love life fluctuates between The Matterhorn and It’s A Small World, and the only time I really feel at peace is when I have 10 minutes to poop and for some reason forgot my phone in the other room.

But I have found something I do care about—choosing how to orient my attention. It’s the common thread with most of the things I unconditionally love ...

... Not only is uni-tasking incredibly empowering, but it also might just be the answer to my quarter life crisis."

Focusing and reorienting our attention is easier said than