IA MIX 58 Kuhn

IA MIX 58 Kuhn

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IA MIX 58 Kuhn

Bennett Kuhn, a lanky 23-year-old from New York with lots of love for cats and subwoofers among other things, is currently hard at work on a bunch of new musical projects including a jungle single to be released this summer as a white label under a secret moniker, another EP for Civil Music and a debut EP of Mt. Desert Island, a collaboration with Brooklyn-based songwriter/lyricist/singer/guitarist and best friend Jesse Kohn.

Kuhn’s mix offers a vast insight into his musical tastes, it is “a soundtrack to active remembering” featuring lots of unreleased material from Astro Nautico affiliates: Space Ghost, Moist Ghost, RAJA, Time Wharp and Young Montana? The artwork for the mix (‘Elephant Graveyard’) comes from the famous myth that old elephants naturally depart from their groups and travel long distances to ritual bone yards where they perish alone.

DOWNLOAD: www.inverted-audio.com/kuhn/


Playing tracks by Colleen, The Gorgeous Colours, Ouisa Hound, Space Ghost, Raja and more.



KUHN is the SHIT!!