Show 94: Tennis & Italian Hiphop

Show 94: Tennis & Italian Hiphop

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Show 94: Tennis & Italian Hiphop

Magda Linette - WTA tennis player. Number 64 in the world (as of Sep 2015).

Born in 1992, Magda likes to emphasize that if you're committed, there's always a way. Izo (Izudin) Zunic from Croatia agrees with her. He's her coach. "I work with Magda cause she's got what it takes to be a master".

Here's a meeting with the two of them. How cheerful, hardworking and intelligent they are. You might be surprised to hear Magda has recently started studying at a university in the United States. And although she dreams of having two dogs, Magda may have to postpone some of the plans. The Grand Slam (Wielki Szlem) is waiting!

In the second part of the show, Maciek talks to Enrico Zammarchi. He's Italian, passionate about hip hop. How surprising that he went all the way from Europe to America to study it further.

Here's a class of contemporary Italy! Photo credit: Emilia Staszków.


Playing tracks by Carly Rae Jepsen, Florence + The Machine and Klingande.