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2016-08-01 Cardiacs Special

2016-08-01 Cardiacs Special

Playing tracks by

Monsoon Bassoon, Cardiacs, Cardiac, Redbus Noface, Cardia and more.

A Cardiacs and Friends special.


Alasdair Dickson

My word!!! Thank you both so much for this joyous episode. Life is sweet.

Jason Lihou

Absolutely love this music, this radio show, the hosts Steve and Kavus and everything in between, especially Tim Smith and Cardiacs, love you! X

George Hewitt

whats the opening track ?

Jason Lihou

The Monsoon Bassoon - Volcano. ;-)

Stef Emiljanowicz

Bleedin' lovely :-) Is "Foubdling" one of the most beautiful songs ever written?

Martin Higgins

Yes. Yes, it is.

Simon Bowler

Still blows my mind that Steve Davis not oinly DJs (in the broadest sense) with karvus but also likes Cardiacs. Its like an Armando Innunuci sketch from Time Trumpet. Anyway. Good show but at least know what tracks your playing Steve. Jesus

Simon Bowler

Who the fist are CORDIACS. Can't find any trace. Is that a typo error? Cardiacs best band ev

Rob Warde
Rob Warde

eeee! what a smashing show x thank U


Wicked show Steve. Love the Cardiacs!

Tim Hills
Tim Hills

Track list kindly supplied by Mr Davis

Monsoon Bassoon - volcano (I Dig Your Voodoo CD)
Cardiacs - No Bright Side (Day is Gone CD)
Cardiacs - Signs (Signs CD)
Redbus Noface - Cry Havoc Cry Wolf (If It Fights The Hammer It Will Fight The Knife CD)
Cardiacs - Dog-Like Sparky (Sing To God Part One CD)
Spratleys Japs - Vine (Spratleys Japs CD)
Cardiacs - Fiery Gun Hand (Sing To God Part One CD)
WIlliam D Drake - Heart Of Oak (Revere Reach CD)
Cardiacs - Buds And Spawn (Greatest Hits CD)
Cardiacs - R.E.S. (A Little Man A House And The Whole World Window CD)
Stars In Battledress - Remind Me Of The Thames Or Else (Secrets And Signals CD)
William D Drake - Bond Of The Herd (Believers Roast - The Central Element CD)
Cardiacs - Dirty Boy (Sing To God Part Two CD)
Cardiacs - Dinnertime Is At Home (Not Here) (Garage Concerts Vol II)
Knifeworld - Secret Words (Bottled Out Of Eden CD)
North Sea Radio Orchestra - The British Road (Dronne CD)
Cardiacs - Foundling (Sing To God Part Two CD)
Mikrokosmos - Where Now Earthman (In The Heart Of The Home CD)
Cardiacs - A Little Man And A House (A little Man And THe Whole World Window CD)
Cardiacs - Big Ship (Songs For Ships And Irons CD)
The Sea Nymphs - Lucky Lucy (The Sea Nymphs CD)
Cardiacs - The Everso Closely Guarded Line (On Land And In The Sea CD)
TIm Smith's Extra Special - Swimming With The Snake (OceanLandWorld CD)

Noel Storey

Thanks for adding.