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The Law of Mercy: Part I - La Ley de la Misericordia: Parte I

The Law of Mercy: Part I - La Ley de la Misericordia: Parte I



Pastor Edgar Vera

The Old Testament contains some impressive Laws that the people of Israel were to follow. Deuteronomy Chapter 17:2-7 is one such instance where if someone was caught worshiping another god, they were to be stoned to death. It seems as if God was intolerable at times especially against idolatry. A thorough investigation was to be done, and if the idolatrous behavior was in fact, true, the person, man or woman was to be stoned to death at the city gate. The witnesses themselves were to cast the first stone. Indeed God was intolerant toward religious idolatry.

However, in the New Testament we see Jesus faced with a woman who is in fact caught in the very act of adultery. The Pharisees and Scribes brought her to him, while he was teaching, and challenged him to see what he would do. They thought they had Jesus cornered. If he said, "stone her," he'd be in trouble with the Roman government. Only they could execute someone; that is, sentence