Talk Shai | Ep6: Feminism

Talk Shai | Ep6: Feminism

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Talk Shai | Ep6: Feminism

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Probing my guest about the issues that women have to face every day purely because of their gender, it was uncomfortable to provide an opinion, because no matter how much I can try to relate the bigotry I experience due to my race or religion, it may be part of the same war as feminism but it's not the same battle, and I can't pretend it to be so.

Regardless, it was amazing to get the perspective of Kate Willoughby, a feminist activist, part-time suffragette and writer/actor of TO FREEDOM'S CAUSE, which was invited to be performed at the House of Commons. She continues to fight for women's rights under the hashtag #EMILYMATTERS and I urge you to give her a follow at @katewilloughby8 We discuss how far feminism has come and how much further we have to go. Spoiler - it's still a very long way to go.

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