Talk Shai | Ep 4: Covidiots

Talk Shai | Ep 4: Covidiots

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Talk Shai | Ep 4: Covidiots

Music theme: Medical (there's not actually that much music in this one, since we cover a LOT of material)

This week, we take a quite heated look at how the UK has dealt with Coronavirus for the past year, and what caused our covid death rates in the world to only be surpassed by that of Slovenia and Belgium. Polls say that the public are most to blame for not obeying the rules, but when being gaslit by the media and the government themselves, how much of it is our fault? Finally, we discuss the privatisation of the NHS and the shameless corruption going unaccounted (and even when accounted - and law-breaking - ultimately unacknowledged).

Speaking on the panel this week:
Jo Goodman, Co-Founder of Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice @jo.goody
Kani Varshneya, Passionate Doctor Friend @kranium1989
Anon, Healthcare Professional

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