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This Week's Podcast: The Meaning of E3

This Week's Podcast: The Meaning of E3

The biggest forward facing video game show in the US has run its course. E3 happened several weeks ago, giving us a little time to reflect on the games and hardware on parade at the annual video game industry show. What does the Xbox One X announcement really reveal about Microsoft's intent and its strategies? Now that all the hype and tears have run its course, we take a look back in a little more serious vein. Why do all AAA games show stuff blowing up? Where are all the cool indie titles? We ponder these questions on this week's Improbabls Insights Podast, and more, including which games interest us the most and which ones left us cold. Tools and Fun I've finally discovered Legends of Korra, the animated steampunk / anime series which ran on Nickelodeon several years back. Don't let the Nickelodeon heritage fool you, Legends of Korra is well-written with competent voice acting. I've also started reading Neal Stephenson's The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. Co-authored with Nicole Galland,