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#MediaSnack 93: AD FRAUD - What to do about it.

#MediaSnack 93: AD FRAUD - What to do about it.

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On this week’s #MediaSnack we stare into the gigantic dark abyss that is ad fraud.

So often quoted in surveys as the thing that worries marketers the most, it remains a mystery and takes many guises, in fact there are over 30 types of ad fraud identified, so far. We consider the scale of the problem, which is difficult to be very precise, and ask the big question most often troubling marketers; who should actually be accountable for tackling ad fraud?

We’ve seen some companies, most notably P&G, make their unhappiness with ad fraud very clear and very public. Others have taken more conservative and private approaches. This week in fact we've seen a significant milestone in answering the big question. Taxi app Uber filed a claim against their mobile agency Fetch for losses they claim were caused by ad fraud. If that goes to trial it will test in court, in a very public way and based on evidence, the true accountabilit