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  • 4 years ago

Fruit of the Spirit- Joy

I have an incredibly blessed life. Amazing husband, pastoring a life-giving church, love my job, like really love it, beautiful home, etc.

And it might be easy to think, well of course she’s happy. But let me tell you about “happy people”. 1. People think you’re fake 2. Lot of pressure to never be sad

My life, as I already shared, is incredibly blessed- but just as you know from the popular commentary on social media, pictures and stories can be presented lots of different ways. While everything I said earlier is very true, here’s what I left out
-cousin whose fiancé overdosed on heroine and she, three weeks later, took her own life
-students who have sat in my classroom and taken their lives, coworker I shared a room with died in a car accident on the way to work leaving behind two small children
-2 miscarriages
-robbed 4 times
-several close friends and family members who do not know the Lord
-close, very close, family member who was in rehab, struggled