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  • 3 years ago
Jimmy's Pregame Mix 1.0

Jimmy's Pregame Mix 1.0


The Homework Club

I like a lot of what you have going on in this mix! I have listened to it a few times and really dig the deep house vibe. After listening to it a few times I have 3 suggestions.

1. I am not a huge fan of " VIP Fire" in this mix. I think that it is another level of vibe. I think that if you were to progress the mix to keep getting into more of a party atmosphere it would be a good fit. I dig the vibe as is though, and don't see it progressing into a rage mix.

2. Maybe take a step back and look at all the songs you have used. They all are different energy deep house drops..What about if you used the energy of the drop to try and control your mix. If you start out softer and continue to build it and have the "nastier" drops toward the end ( with a few scattered throughout the mix.. as long as they flow) I feel like thats what your kind of doing already, maybe just rework a few songs which leads me to my last idea.

3. The most important thing for you at this point is to download the software "mixed in key" It will categorize all your songs by key so when your transitioning between songs the drums will be in the same key, so you won't even recognize another song is even playing in the background. I think know that you can count and match them, this will let you take your mixing to the next level.

I really dig the mix though thus far! I am excited to hear the final product!!!

- GV