70s UK pub rock for Wild Wednesday

70s UK pub rock for Wild Wednesday

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70s UK pub rock for Wild Wednesday

For this Wild Wednesday I’ve put together a set I’ve been meaning to do for along time, 70s UK pub rock, precursor and progenitor of UK's punk rock movement.

If you’re into naming genres, pub rock has since been called ‘proto punk’ but if, like me, you prefer to call things as they were, then it will always be ‘pub rock’, raw, belting extorted sounds, fag ends and sawdust on the floor, strippers between bands, and a pie and pint - or ten -before heading off for a late night curry or, if you “didn't look right”, ending up in a fight.

Now, where's me jack handle?


Playing tracks by Dr. Feelgood, The Stranglers, Graham Parker, Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello and more.