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  • 1 year ago
超濃縮!やさしい英語会話 (16) English Is Fun!

超濃縮!やさしい英語会話 (16) English Is Fun!

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(初級〜中級)*** Script ***

[ (210) Tongue Twisters ]

F: Boy, this food line is pretty long. Hey, I have a magazine on me. You can read it while we wait.

M: OK. Hmm… looks like a kid's magazine… Hmm, yeah. [ Mumbling quickly to himself. ] Peter Piper picked a pick… hmmm. A peck of pickled peppers. Peter piper picked a peck of peckled… GAhhh!

F: Michihiro… what are you doing? What are you muttering about?

M: I don't understand what on Earth this magazine is talking about. First, it was talking about seashells, then a woodchuck, and now pickles!

F: Oh, those are different sets of tongue twisters, Michihiro.

M: Tongue twisters? What are those?

F: I'm pretty sure most languages have them. It's a game to see if you can say or repeat a short funny phrase