Welcome the Unfurling: Sagittarius New Moon/Total Eclipse Prayermix

Welcome the Unfurling: Sagittarius New Moon/Total Eclipse Prayermix

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Welcome the Unfurling: Sagittarius New Moon/Total Eclipse Prayermix
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This New Moon/coupled with a total solar eclipse- is a powerful opportunity to welcome what is unfurling from within each of us. We have had to let go of so, so much this year and Sagittarius reminds us; that all endings lead to new beginnings.

Total Solar Eclipses are powerful points of manifestation and creation. They open a portal to new and fresh energy and can kickstart our lives in a new direction.
Whether you are still feeling like staying tucked away in your flower bud, or ready to burst out in all your glory...do you welcome it? Are you ready and willing to welcome the perfect timing, pace and essence of your own unique unfurling and flowering.

May we each be kind and loving towards ourselves and one another as we continue to shed our skin, husk, shell and emerge from our ripening buds. May we point the arrow of Sagittarius not from which we came, though towards where we are heading.

The darkness seeds the light- and thus we open towards who we are destined to be.


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Thank you!💜


My dude you freaking nailed this mix still in early stage at the moment but can tell this will play out til the end loving every min of this!!🔥🕺🏻🎶🎧👽🤖

Charlotte Fortune

thanks for this beautiful mix and inspiring text :-) <3


You are welcome. Thanks for your appreciation. <3


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Womb Rock- Deya Dova
Jello and Jaice- Hibernation
The Unfurling- Kalya Scintilla
Kamanja- Temple Step
Aleceo-Jalan Jalan
Dakha Brakha (remixed by Alvaro Suarez)- Oy Ishov Chumak
El Ramu-Dj Caution
Cumbia de la Soledad- La Maledicion
Wind of Change- Astropilot, Kaya Project
May You Open- YAIMA
Heart Flower Awakening- Kailash Kokopelli