The Way Is Open: A Solstice EarthBody Activation Mix

The Way Is Open: A Solstice EarthBody Activation Mix

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The Way Is Open: A Solstice EarthBody Activation Mix
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Here is the mix for our Solstice EarthBody Activation.

This prayer is for the activation of our EarthBody; for the healing and wholling of ourselves and one another. The invitation is to acknowledge all that has been released this year- to offer your grief and your gratitude. It is through our willingness to feel all that has moved through each of us, that the way forward has been carved. May we remember the light within that has always and will always guide us, no matter how dark the night. May we harness the power of our hearts and prayers to invoke and awaken the truth within each of us- and truly let the way forward be OPEN.

I love you.
Blissed Solstice to you all.


Playing tracks by Anima, Sol Rising, Geometrae, Little Star (Pathway Mix), Savej and more.

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Yay. Thank You. WIll have a listen to your mix too <3


Was actually my birthday so it was a great start to my day, ty and keep it up


Happy solar return :)

Hafidha Sofia

Very energetic and fitting. Happy Solstice!


Glad you feel it <3 Happy Solstice to you also.

Rod Williams

I was hoping that you created a solstice mix, Phoenix, it is wondrous


Of course I did...Thanks for your appreciation, Rod- always a pleasure to share in the prayers with you <3


Please support the artists that support your dance of life.

Ancestral Pass- Age- Anima
Silhouettes- Sol Rising
Reforming Roots- Geometrae
May the Way- Little Star (Pathway Mix)
Solstice- Savej
Yidaki Shakedown- Anchor Hill
Raqsa- Temple Step
Samba de Velho- Balint Boldizsar
Acceptance- Oliver Koletski
King Cobra- Taavi Tuisk
Light Years- BandAAs
Waiting- Faith Mussa
Sakoneta- Yeahman
Aquilita- Lua Maria, Adrian Freedman
Ho’oponopono- Elah &AuSierra
Eastern Sunset- Dj Taz Rashid (Skysia Remix)
Where the Light Goes- Josh Kramer
Prayer for the Last Human- Kevin Wren ft. Ape Chimba


Awesome, just awesome! 🔥🎧🎶


Aw...Thank You <3