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  • 3 years ago
It's a Family Thing

It's a Family Thing

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Main Idea: Sin is veiled, it must be exposed.

Main Message:
Recap on last week, "If the world is started out pristine, how did we get in the jungle?
Sin brings death, it is a "virus that enters the bloodstream."

1. It's a Family Thing, Genesis 4:3-16
"Do we sin because we are sinners? Or are we sinners because we sin?"
Sin is the problem, and a savior is the solution. But do we see sin as a big deal?
2. Genesis 4:3-7 Sin is veiled, it must be exposed.
Bubbled up resentment, deep feelings, etc creates compromise. Our actions show up. God knew Cain was a briber. Hebrews 11:4, "by faith Abel offered a better sacrifice."
Cain's gift was a bargaining chip. "I give to you, so you give to me."
God offers him questions for self evaluation. "Cain, can't you see what is happening in you? critical, negative,never happy? Your pride,your jealousy...those are your 'buttons' ." 1 John 3:12
3. Sin must be exposed.