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  • 3 years ago
Ending the Chaos

Ending the Chaos

SERMON NOTES (click arrow to the right to open)

Main Idea: To end the chaos and find normal, we should follow the steps God did when designing normal in Genesis 1.

In the beginning ... Beginnings are meant to lead us to the next step.
Read Genesis 1:1-2, 31 and 2:1 - How did we move from one place to another? How did we move from darkness to good?

Main Message: Ending the Chaos...

In the beginning: the world was formless, dark, empty.
To address darkness, God brought LIGHT. Proverbs 8:22 - 23, 27 - 29.
To address formless, God created structures and boundaries. Genesis 1:6-10.
To address empty, God filled the earth. Genesis 1:14 - 15, 20:21.
BUT, each have limits according to their kind, lest freedom lead to chaos.

Creating man: Genesis 1:26-28.
Created in God's image to subdue the earth.
Where are the boundaries?*
Creation of man may be the climax of this story, but not the conclusion. Man is not the goal.

The End: Genesis 2:1-3. REST.
God rested to enjoy what he had accomplishe