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  • 2 years ago
The Church is Under Gods Microscope Lesson 3

The Church is Under Gods Microscope Lesson 3

Power of His Microscope:
The Lords Microscope causes Magnification.
The Lords Microscope causes Illumination.
The Lords Microscope causes Revelation.
Settled on their Lees Metaphorically Indicates Taking it Easy and Having a Casual/Leisure
Approach to life. These are spiritually Idle and at Ease, they have become Morally
Indifferent (w/o Interest, Care or Concern), Lacking Spiritual Drive and has become Hardened to
God and Sin.

Now Let's Look at the Professional Works of The Pharisees in which they were "Experts"
• Pharisees were Doctors of The Law. Jhn 3:1,10
• Pharisees were Determined to Uphold their Heritage. Jhn 8:39
• Pharisees were Doers of that which was Good. Matt 6:1,2
• Pharisees were Dedicated to Religious Dogma. Jhn 8:5

Works of the hypocrite:
Hypocrites Preach one Thing and Live Another.
Hypocrites Disrespect Authority causing Division.
Hypocrites Set Stumbling-blocks in the Path New Believers and immature.
Hypocrites are Murderers of the Righteous.
Ways of Truth: