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Olfactory Expert (with Dawn Goldworm)

Olfactory Expert (with Dawn Goldworm)

Let’s play a game. I want you to imagine that you are confronted by a nefarious magical being and said NMB says to you, “I am going to take one of your five major senses, but you may keep the other four”. So first you try to remember what your five senses are, and you remember that you have sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. Next you go down the line and think of how each one has been a part of your life in recent and distant memory, trying to asses which would be the most live-withoutable. Which do you land on? Which is the sense that you are okay with leaving behind? I have a pretty good feeling that today's guest just might change your answer to that question. Dawn is an olfactive expert and helps develop scents for companies all over the world. And not just scents to make you think, “oh that smells nice”, but scents to make you have a particular experience. She’ll explain just how impactful scent is in your life, and the hidden ways it’s probably impacting you right