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HPR2322: A bit of background on virtualenvwrapper

HPR2322: A bit of background on virtualenvwrapper

A bit of background on virtualenvwrapper
Or, Linux processes, the process environment and the shell.
speaker intro
Hi, I'm bjb. I've been using Linux for wow, 20 years now.
knox gave a nice podcast on virtualenvwrapper - it was timely for me, I was just trying to use it the other day and not finding all the bits and pieces. So thank you for collecting that info in one place.
knox asked why virtualenvwrapper behaves as it does ...
virtualenvwrapper is a combination of bash functions and programs.
To understand how it works you need to know a little bit about bash and Linux.
I know there have been some very good earlier and current! HPR shows on bash. But bash is a huge topic. The man page for it was 3500 lines about 10 years ago it is 4300 plus lines. It has a LOT of functionality, and when you're just trying to get something done, it's overwhelming to look at. So in this HPR episode, I will just answer one or two of knox's questions. It gives me an excuse