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HPR1906: Apt Spelunking 2: tvtime, phatch, and xstarfish

HPR1906: Apt Spelunking 2: tvtime, phatch, and xstarfish

Welcome to the another episode of apt spelunking! If you missed the first
episode, I should explain. Apt spelunking is the act of aimlessly searching
through your distribution's software repositories, and picking out the gems
that you find. I call it apt spelunking because I use Debian, which uses the
apt packaging format.

Let's jump into the first package: tvtime.


The package tvtime is a simple one, but it does what it does very well. tvtime
interfaces with a TV tuner - specialized hardware that allows your computer to
process analog television signals, via coaxial or RCA video cables. If you have
this hardware, usually an expansion card or USB peripheral, tvtime allows you to
use your computer as an analog television.

tvtime binds to the card of your choosing, allows you to switch between NTSC and
PAL modes (NTSC is what I use, that being the American standard), and shows you
a wonderfully grainy video. It has filters that