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  • 3 months ago

"Intentionality is your superpower, and the best news is, you're already great at using it!" When was the last time you went shopping? When was the last time you got a haircut? When was the last time you ate some food? That fact is, you're already an incredible, purposeful, deliberate, goal-driven machine. You use your intentionality every day, all day long. Getting your hair cut wasn't an accident. You set up an appointment and then showed up. You didn't just arrive at a grocery store; you realized you needed food and made a plan to go shop. You didn't accidentally start reading a book; you intended to read the book, so you picked it up. Intentionality isn't just a superpower, though; it's your means to design the life you want, AND it's a demonstration of your intelligence in action! Being intentional—being purposeful, being goal-driven—equates to intelligence in action. Tony Robbins put it this way: "We all have goals; the problem is, most of us have really crappy goals, like, 'I ju