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Mass Production of Ignorance - Greg Philo [Media Week 2012]

Mass Production of Ignorance - Greg Philo [Media Week 2012]

Whilst we’re consistently bombarded by contradictory messages by the media, all of which report in their own way, each claiming to be correct, but what is it that is going unsaid that we should be aware of? Where is the truth in journalism and is it the whole truth? Glasgow Media Group’s Greg Philo examines how best to separate the truth from the spin in what we consume from the media, and how to read between the lines of what we’re told.

Greg Philo, Glasgow Media Group

Greg Philo is Research Director for Glasgow Media Group and Professor at the University of Glasgow, with research interests in the area of media and cultural reception. He is a graduate of Glasgow University and has served as Research Director for the University Media Unit. He has co-authored a number of books including ‘Bad News from Israel’ and ‘Market Killing’.