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G-Spot Dj's

Kaunas, Lithuania

New faces in Lithuanian club life trying to establish their own name on a rapid changing Nightclub market. Originated from Kaunas city with a fancy name of „G-Spot Dj's“. These two „tomboy“ guys do not avoid unexpected decisions when choosing music for a party. Musical taste is very broad, from deep deep-house sounds, to racy electro-house. Members of the duo are Kaunis G and mr.Sn0pis. Career started separately, but met up at one party and soon began working together as a duo... After the birth of a name G-Spot Dj's their playing music began to take shape and taste as a gentle, mild rich sound full of strong vocals, and soon became a trade mark for them... However at the peak-time of a party they do not avoid making some strong and tight sound transitions between different genres. A very young but also ambitious duo, ready to please even the most refined listener...

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