Grrls Like Us #44 - with Chorusgirl

Grrls Like Us #44 - with Chorusgirl

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Grrls Like Us #44 - with Chorusgirl
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Grrls Like Us

CW: grief, parent illness, mental health

Grrls Like Us #44 is a special one – I’m joined by Silvi Wersing of Chorusgirl to talk about her new album, David Lynch, and how the band has once again become a solo recording project.

Chorusgirl were one of the final bands to grace Fortuna Pop records with their wonderful shimmering debut in 2015. They’re back with a third album, Colapso Calypso, which will be released by Reckless Yes in October.

Alongside Silvi’s picks, you can hear my highlights from Deer Shed Festival and some fantastic new DIY punk, pop and indiepop. Since recording this, Nervous Twitch released a brilliant new single – We Don’t Care (!

Email me if you’d like to come on the show or share music: Check out Grrls Like Us Make Mixtapes on our Mixcloud page if you want a music-only mix.

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Playing tracks by The Julie Ruin, Career Woman (feat. Small Crush), Soot Sprite, Katy J Pearson, CMAT and more.



Great show, fascinating guest

Grrls Like Us


Grrls Like Us

The Julie Ruin – Girls Like Us (2013, Intro)
Career Woman (feat. Small Crush) – Sleep In (2022)
Soot Sprite – Lucky (2022)
Katy J Pearson – Game Of Cards (2022)
CMAT – Lonely (2022)
Chorusgirl – Shivers (2015)
Penfriend – Black Car (2021)
Me Rex – Jupiter Pluvius (2022)
Colour Me Wednesday – Half A Life (2014)
Nervous Twitch – Forgive Yourself (2022)
The Heart Attack-Acks – My Heart/My Mind (2022)
Jetstream Pony – Self Destruct Reality (2018)
The Variable Stars – Junkfood Romance (2022)
Chorusgirl – Don’t Go Back to ’89 (2022)
Lande Hekt – Gay Space Cadets (2022)
Big Joanie – In My Arms (2022)
Thick – Tell Myself (2022)