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Grits to Glitz, episode 323

Grits to Glitz, episode 323

Amy has had a terrible couple of weeks -- like, seriously, suddenly she has Bay's karma. From a favorite little restaurant suddenly taking a terrible turn for the worse, to a massive -- MASSIVE -- leak under the patio, it's all just, "Ugh." Bay, in the meantime, has turned to a life of crime. She stole a parrot. Well, a cockatiel. Does it count if the victim had 3 weeks' notice while Bay said things like, "I'm going to steal that cockatiel"? (Vocabulary Vixen may need to help us define the word "steal.") Stuff like that happened! Worry with us! 44-222-96269!  NO, NO, NOT NOZOMI! The cave under Amy's patio     Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante! This is what St. Louis will look like in a couple of weeks, *plus* Amy & Bay! Write a scholarship essay! Feed a parrot!