Second Nature Feb 2014 Mix-Cast

Second Nature Feb 2014 Mix-Cast

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Second Nature Feb 2014 Mix-Cast
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Greasy Fringe

Fredérick has played with some of the biggest names in the business and knows a thing or two around the Dj box. He is one half of Ubblahkan and has releases on labels like Limbo, Whartone and Big in Ibiza as well as his newest release Get Low on Second Nature. This month he brings us the first hour with a mix of contrasting sounds and delights. Anyone that knows this guy can vouch for a man with music taste personified. An hours worth of smokey stabs, echoed percussion and deep chunky baselines is awaiting you all the way from London Town.


Playing tracks by Caserta, Trickski & Soul Clap, LAST MAGPIE, Bonobo, Mark E and more.