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  • 2 years ago
The Splendor of Holiness pt10 - Holiness and Divsion

The Splendor of Holiness pt10 - Holiness and Divsion

1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5

Threats to Holiness in 1st CorinthiansPersonality cults/source issues/divisions (1,3)Worldly wisdom/oratory/public speaking (1,2)Controlling/authoritarian behavior by going beyond what is written (4)Disrespect of apostles and apostolic teaching (4,9)Polarity of inappropriate tolerance and inappropriate judgmentalism (4-5)Looking to the secular world to make judgments (6)Self-absorption/lack of self-restraint/sexual immorality. (6,10)Divorce, marriage, singleness. (7)Disputable matters/questionable things and the value of one’s conscience (8-10)Carnality & lack of commitment to discipleship (10)Role of women in the church (11,14)Abuse of spiritual gifts (12-14)Living for earth versus living for heaven (15)Giving (16)1. Overcome Personality Cults, Source Issues, and Division (1,3)Give People the Benefit of Doubt (1.1-9)Speak the “Same Word” (1.10)Grow Beyond Source Issues (1.11-16)Build on the Right Foundation (1.17)2. Why Personality Cults & Source Issues